Putting Students First

I believe it is crucial that our youth must be empowered through education.As a parent and community member, I am just not satisfied with our school district. I graduated from MUSD. My niece and nephew attend MUSD schools. I know firsthand the problems there. We need to provide a safer, more productive learning environment, update the software and hardware in our classrooms, and keep our kids on a path to higher education.

I am committed to

  • Reducing the high level of spending on outside consultants.
  • Stopping contracts given to friends and family of Board members.
  • Following state law and guidelines for local control funding and reserve fund limits.
  • Using savings to stop laying off our teachers and upgrade our facilities and classroom resources.

Restoring Transparency and Accountability

Parents, students, and teachers don’t feel heard. Transparency is lacking in our school district. I want to change that. This campaign is about you, and I want to hear from you. As a Board Member, I will meet with the district’s stakeholders, listen, and mend the broken relationship between the school board and the community.

As your Board Member, I will

  • Have Board members visit school sites and meet with teachers and staff regularly.
  • Involve stakeholders from every school site in decision making for bond spending.
  • Create advisory positions that represent the many stakeholders of the district, to engage directly with the School Board.
  • Make all agendas and agenda items available online at least 48 hours in advance of a board meeting.

Acting Fast

I am passionate about empowering youth – particularly at-risk youth – through education. If we fail to address the challenges facing our district with urgency, we will allow many of our students to fall through the cracks. We cannot let that happen. I will work with my fellow board members and the district administration to quickly enact an agenda of real change.

I will work with my colleagues and district staff to

  • Develop a Strategic Plan to enact our reform agenda within 30 days.
  • Take steps to immediately implement the Strategic Plan once enacted.
  • Have the entirety of the reform agenda in place as policy by the start of the next school year.